People Per Hour: An Online Marketplace For Freelancers

Being a freelancer means doing a bit of everything. Accounts before breakfast, emails in the morning, quotes in the afternoon and, if you’re lucky, you’ll have time left in the evening to do the actual work that you get paid for! As your wear all of these different hats, it’s surprisingly difficult to find time to source new work. Cold calling businesses, sending out mailers and attending networking events take up crucial time that most freelancers simply can’t afford to lose!

People Per Hour offers a solution that makes it quick and easy to get in touch with new clients who are actively seeking your services. Describing itself as a ‘global marketplace’, the website has played a vital role in my success as a freelance copywriter, and – by following a few guidelines – could do the same for you.

What Is People Per Hour?

In 2006, graduate Xenios Thrasyvoulou had a great idea for a website that connected skilled individuals with the business that needed their services. Then, the website allowed companies to list job descriptions that virtual assistants could ‘bid’ on. In just six months, was rebranded People Per Hour, covering 30 different services from accountancy to administration.

Since its launch, People Per Hour has grown to become one of the most popular places on the web for freelancers to find new work. According to the People Per Hour Economy page, there are more than 200,000 freelancers and 79,390 clients on the site. The jobs posted to date are worth an estimated £52,922,681 – a figure that is growing all the time.

In part, People Per Hour is so successful because it’s easy to use for freelancers and clients alike.

Here’s how it works:

Clients list projects along with estimated budgets.
Freelancers ‘bid’ on the project, detailing their skills and fee.
The client selects an applicant and awards the job.
Once the job is done, People Per Hour sends an automated invoice to the client, taking a small fee from the freelancer’s overall pay.

People Per Hour & Me

My own experience with People Per Hour started in 2010, once the website was already well established. As an English graduate and part-time writer for magazines and websites, it was only natural to bolster my income by getting involved in copywriting. Of course, I faced the same problem as every other freelancer – getting that all-important first job.

There was no editor here, nobody to turn around and tell me that the work was rubbish. Being freelance meant that the responsibility was all mine. Clients needed absolute confidence that I could deliver what they wanted and, as yet, I had no evidence that I could supply.

So how did I overcome that rather inconvenient obstacle? I found People Per Hour and, with a bit of hard work, got some of my earliest clients as a freelance copywriter.

3 Ways To Win Work On People Per Hour

When I first visited People Per Hour, it all seemed so easy. Place a bid, win the work and get paid! Of course, there are thousands of other freelancers with the same idea, vying for the same work. As a novice young copywriter, how did I make myself the chosen candidate for those first few positions?

I built a good profile, carefully selected the bids that I placed, and spent time writing bids that were tailored to the client in question.

1. Create An Attractive Profile

I was once asked to appear on a local radio station as part of an interview about People Per Hour and why more and more people are choosing to go freelance. As part of this interview, I was asked what the most useful feature of the website was. After some thought, I decided that the profile page is where it all happens.

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People Per Hour profile pages allow you to summarise the work that you do, complete skills tests and upload samples of work. Make sure that you have all of these things in place before you start bidding for work. Most clients look at this profile page as the first measure of how suitable you are for the position, and gaps on your profile are the equivalent of gaps in your employment history – a bad sign for any employer!

2. Find Jobs That Are Right For Your Skills

Since the website was founded, People Per Hour has worked on a free model where freelancers receive a certain number of ‘bid credits’ per month. Once these bids have been used up, you can purchase more for a small fee, or wait until they are refreshed.

More recently, People Per Hour introduced the ability to see which other freelancers have placed bids on a certain job. Out of professional curiosity, I often check through these to get a feel for other people’s skills and profiles. More than anything else, I find people bidding for work that simply doesn’t suit their skills. If the number of bids per month is limited, why would a self-proclaimed accounting expert place a bid for a copywriter job? Doesn’t this mean that he is struggling to win bids in his chosen field?

You will have the best chances of winning work if you aim to be selective with the bids that you place. Consider the nature of the work and how it fits with your skills and experience and how relevant your profile page is to the task at hand.

3. Write A Great Bid

Once you’ve found the right job, it’s time to write a bid! This is the part that comes with practice, but there are few things you should consider as you start writing.

Despite the nature of the word ‘bid’, People Per Hour isn’t really about offering the lowest possible price. Most educated clients understand that if you pay peanuts, you get inexperienced freelancers! According to People Per Hour, around 89% of winning bids are in the middle price range.

I once placed a bid for some work where the client’s maximum budget was £200. I explained, politely but clearly, how I could do it for £300 and do it ten times better. I won that job, reassuring me that People Per Hour isn’t all about bargain basement work.

Instead of going for a low bid, focus your attention on who you are and what you do. Whether you are an IT developer, an administrative assistant or a writer, bid with your skills, not your fee. Most people find it difficult to sing their own praises, but the reality is that your competing freelancers will work hard to sound great.

If you are fairly inexperienced, honesty can sometimes be the best policy. Explain that you can do the job for less money as an opportunity to get started, or would be happy to go the extra mile to convince the client of your talent. The bigger a freelancer gets, the longer things take. Why not compete on speed if you can’t compete on experience?

4. Win The Work, Do The Work

At a time when my existing clients keep me largely away from People Per Hour, it’s been interesting to look back on those early days and how crucial the website was in getting my business off the ground. In preparation for this article, I was asked if there was one piece of advice that I would give to a new freelancer just getting started with a website like People Per Hour.

My answer was ‘Win The Work, Do The Work’. But don’t just do the work. Do it better. Do it on time. Do it early. Do it with such diligence, such enthusiasm and such commitment that once you have your first project, they quite simply never stop.

Source by Elizabeth W Conley

Freelance Writing Training Is Necessary To Succeed

Freelance writing is more and more becoming a viable career choice that millions of people throughout the world are pursuing. But at the same time it is true that maintaining a well living standard only by the means of freelance writing is quite difficult and for that one must be the best. Now how can you be the best when there is such a huge competition? In this context you are in the need of a just and effective freelance writing training. Again, at the same time when you are serious about becoming a freelance writer, the first thing you need to do is to fathom the direction you want to go. Well, there are indeed several profitable freelance writing gigs where you can contribute as a professional ghost writer (especially for celebs) or as a feature writer for popular magazines. However, for this there is the need of a very extensive portfolio and some very good connections to consistently land that level of gigs. Now, apart from this there also the need of apposite freelance writing course that will make you fit for this exceedingly competitive industry. What has been perceived at several times is that in the fields of feature or simple content writing for the limited amount of work always a fierce competition exists. The presence of the professionals at this juncture means you have no future.

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In this respect, the professional freelance writing exercise appears to be most helpful, since it informs you of the prospective areas like business writing, copy writing and technical writing. The freelance writing program will let you know that these three exclusive areas compensate in a better manner to rank and file writers than any other arena of freelance writing. This on the other hand also signify that through these you shall be contributing articles directly for businesses and/or corporations. It is also to be noted that three areas always remain in search of best talents and for that the recompense for good freelance writers do always shot up.

Now as far as the demand of the market is concerned it is essential to satisfy its changing aspirations and in this respect a professional freelance writing guide is apt enough to impart the necessary training. Bear in mind that without this you in no way can ascertain the need of the time and also of the market, and will definitely fall through.

Source by Subhasis Chatterjee

Freelance Magazine Writer – How To Get Started

Let’s face it. It does not matter how well you write if nobody knows it. Not when it comes to making money anyway. In this article you will learn how to become a freelance writer. There are jobs online for you even if you are not at a high skill level yet, but naturally there are more opportunities the better you skill set is.

Finding the Right Service

A freelance writer job is not hard to find, if you know where to look that is. Sadly the online market has been filled with scams that are simply out to get your money. Finding the right job is only easy when you have freelance writer website that actually works. Finding writing jobs online is perfect for someone who wants to make money writing in the comfort of their home or wants to make extra money doing work with very flexible hours.

In my search for a great freelance writer website I have come across so many sites that simply did not work. In most cases I did not even join the sites, simply because there was so many negative comments on blogs and message boards. Luckily I did come across a handful that had a lot positive feedback. I joined them all and found a couple that worked well and one that worked very well.

What Is The Right Service

In this article I am only focusing on the one that I liked the best. The site is called “Real Writing Jobs”, and in my experience it is great if you are a freelance writer for hire. On the site you get access to a lot of different writing jobs. They range from writing blog posts to writing full magazine articles. This means you can start even if you are at a low skill level. The higher your skill level the more jobs you will be able to fill. The site has a great support system, if you have any questions they are quick to answer. In other words, this is the best site I have come across in my years of doing freelance magazine writing.

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The Good and the Bad News

Now to the bad news. The site is not free. To get started you need to pay a sign up fee of $5. This will get you access to all the jobs for a 7 days trial period. This means you have 7 days to see how well the service works. After that you have to pay $77 to continue to be a member. After that you are a member for life. I would have liked this service to be free, but there are some positive things to say about this as well. If this was a free service open for everyone, the freelance writer jobs would be harder to get and the price for your work would be much lower. This way you don’t have anywhere near the competition, which means more work and more money for you.

Source by Morten Galthen

The Stay-At-Home Guide To Freelancing Online

In this article, we will first learn about Freelancing websites. Second, we will dive into what running your own Blogging site takes. Finally, we will discover the ease and accessibility of taking Paid Surveys.

Freelance Websites

This is the method most employed by workers in developing countries. They know there is plenty of skilled labor needed to be done online pertaining to coding, design, and SEO. If you are well-versed in any of these, you can find a great supply of work, but be careful because it’s extremely competitive and the wages often become too low to successfully make a living online in the United States. If you can’t compete with the lowest-bid-wins mentality on these sites, then Freelancing websites may not be the solution for you.

Running A Blog

Whether you are a vet of the net, or a fresh face online, you surely know about blogging. Many people are becoming full-time bloggers, and make money just writing on their own websites. This is the method which takes longest to get up-and-running, however, but if you have a few months to build a website, and write high-quality content for, this may be a viable option for you. There are a few limitations on blogging; you generally must stick to one topic per website in order to maximize the monetizing ability of any one site. You will need a new website if you want to switch from perhaps, Personal-Growth to Car Repairs. This is the most attempted, and yet has the lowest success rate.

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Finding Well-Reputed Paid Survey Sites

This is something many successful stay-at-home freelancers have accomplished, regardless of their past web experiences. A study was done, where it was found that anyone who can fill out 3 surveys per day can make over $30,000 per year– and that’s only about an hour a day. Imagine if you were to go full-time? There are always going to be surveys ready and available to you because there are thousands, if not more, companies who need people like you to give them their honest opinions on the products and services they offer every day. If you’re lucky, you may even get to keep a few gifts as a thank-you just for testing them out!

Ultra-Competitive Freelance websites, Big-Risk Blog networks, and Paid Survey “money-taps” are just three of the most common methods of making full-time money online. The easiest way to get started making online though has got to be taking paid surveys.

Source by Ben Wilsen

Make Money Online by Freelancing

Making money online seems to be what a lot of people want to do these days. With the lagging economy people want to make extra money and if they can do it from their homes online it is quite a benefit. There are many ways you can do this, which is nice because you can usually find a niche that you have an interest in.

A very common avenue is freelancing. When you become a freelancer and offer your services from home, it is advantageous to you because there is very little overhead and most of the time there is no monetary investment. You can also simply freelance as a second job, making extra money for vacations, to pay off debt, pay for college, or whatever you want. Even students in high school and college can put their skills to work freelancing.

With the internet so accessible, the opportunity to freelance doing something you are good at is abundant. Also, if you run into any problems or need to learn more about your niche, there are dozens of excellent websites that offer free information to assist you.

Here are a variety of freelancing opportunities that you can check out:

Virtual Assistant

Make some money by being a Virtual Assistant and taking care of office and administrative work for others. A local business or even a business in a different country may hire you to handle the office details for them, such as checking and answering emails, making phone calls, organizing, creating spreadsheets, writing letters, and more. If you have experience working in an office environment or can learn administrative tasks easily, then become a Virtual Assistant and make cash online for yourself.

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If you like to write, then becoming a Freelance Writer is a great way to earn extra money and put your passion to work. You can perform many writing jobs, such as content writing, ghost writing, editing, and writing articles, blogs, content for newsletters and brochures, resumes, scripts, novels, eBooks, and so much more. If you feel like your writing could use some help, take an online writing course to brush up on your skills. The more you write, the better you will get and you’ll be thrilled at the chance to make some hard earned money doing something that you love.

Website Designer

Almost every business these days desires to have their business online. This is why website designing jobs are so abundant. If you have website design skills, freelancing is an excellent way to make money on the internet. There are many freelance job sites where people post what they need and you simply show them your portfolio and let them know about your services. They may choose you to design their website. A great benefit to freelancing is that you can do it from anywhere-at home, at the office, or even on vacation.

These are just a few ways you can make money online by freelancing. Popular websites that provide freelancers with job prospects are Elance, Fiverr, Odesk, and Guru. Check these sites out and see if you can make some extra money online by being a freelancer.

Source by Yuzin Win

How to Succeed As a Freelance Artist – Tips

The Internet has opened many doors for freelance artists. Today, if you’re an artist and you desire a great income, freelance of artworks is the best way to go. Besides freeing you from all limits of the full-time job, freelancing allow you to conduct business with as many clients as you can as long as you do not sacrifice quality of service and do not miss any deadline.

As a freelance artist, you can come across to many opportunities. Indeed, some areas where the freelancing pays much in the world of electronic commerce, information technology, electronic publishing, online services, advertising, promotion, product design and software. These freelance artists are employed as art consultants because of their aesthetic sense and skills.

Besides all this, it also gives you the freedom to select your projects, as a freelance artist it also permits you to handpick jobs that are within your talents and skills. Most experts agree that if you’re an artist, freelance is the best way to go.

The only thing you need to consider is to understand what your prospective clients want or customize to their tastes. If you are an aspirant artist or freelance designer, there are certain things you must do to succeed in the freelance and online world.

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Define your goals. Prior to jumping on the bandwagon of freelancing, make sure you have defined your goals and you know what you actually want to do. Try to develop a business plan and know where you can excel.

Create a good portfolio and develop a good presentation. Remember, your portfolio is your “business card”. Thus, build a good portfolio because it will be the first thing your customers see. If you plan to carry out business online, it is essential that you develop an online portfolio that is organized, clear and professional.

Make an effort to build good working relationship. Working online means you will carry out your business virtually. It would be hard for you to establish good working relationship, since you do not get a chance to meet your clients personally.

Educate your customers. Do not let your customers dictate you what they want the output to be. Since you are an expert in your field, educate them about the updates in design and attempt to give them feedbacks which is the latest in the field you are in.

Source by Dhiraj Patel

The Best Freelance Job Boards for Writers

How many times have you checked out a job board to that either it no longer exists or that there is one or two jobs listed. Out of the hundreds of job boards on the Web today, how do you find those containing projects that you are interested in and qualified for.

I have recently surveyed over 300 freelance web sites and these are the best boards for freelance writers. The benchmark that I used for judging the board was the number of legitimate projects (as opposed to “business opportunities” ) and requests for submission being posted every month. I have only included ones posting 30 projects or more a month

The very best

I picked Guru This huge all-inclusive board connects independent professionals (a.k.a. “gurus”) with contract projects. If you are new to independent consulting, check out the Run Your Biz section, which includes a “Getting Started” column, where you can leave a question to be answered by experts. Lots of other useful information (e.g. tax and finance, legal, etc.) for contractors. Find a contracting job (“gig”) searching by field (creative/media, finance and legal, etc.), keyword, and geography.. Recently, it acquired IT Moonlighter , another with lots of freelance jobs. Whatever, Guru is probably the largest freelance marketplace on the Web. Over 3,300 projects posted last month.

What makes stand out from is the number and variety of projects listed and the easiness of accessing the job. Unlike the others, Guru sends daily email alerts of writing gigs that match your profile.

Number of writing projects posted every month: 207

Type of projects: Everything and anything, many articles, ghostwriting, editing, copyright, some onsite, some technical. Has the best all around listing of freelance writing gigs.

Other good freelance writing sites

AllFreelanceWork. Its sister site AllFreelance is my number one site for articles about freelancing and freelance resources.

Number of writing projects posted every month: 10

Type of projects: Technical and business writing

Contracted Work A freelance site that has grown in great leaps and bounds. You can do a search and find a great number of projects. There is a monthly fee in order to search for projects, but it might be worth checking out. I personally found that I was not finding enough leads for the type of writing I do to be worth the fee.

Number of writing projects posted every month: 50-74

Type of projects: Openings tends more to web content, copywriting, and sales and marketing

Elance. I was actively involved in bidding on this site for a year. However, I did not get my money’s worth. It is geared towards business and technical writing.

Number of writing projects posted every month: 130+

Type of projects: little bit of everything: articles, ghostwriting, e-books, web content, technical. Lots of editing and proofreading jobs too

Freelance Work Exchange Non-Auction freelance site. The Freelance Work Exchange has listings for writers, designers, consultants, programmers. Yes … it does cost to join; however, there is $3.00 7-day trial memberships so you can test it to see if it will get you work! Highly recommended. Freelance Work Exchange is a solid, reliable freelance site, but in order to search jobs it will cost you a monthly fee.

Number of writing projects posted every month: 30-40

Type of projects: little bit of everything: calls for articles, ghostwriting, e-books, web content, technical. Geared more towards general writing markets, as opposed to corporate-style stuff.

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Freelance Writing This is the ultimate job board for freelance writers. Contest, blogs, forums, resources. Everything.

Number of writing projects posted every month: 40

Type of projects: Calls for articles, copywriting, E-books, research papers, ghostwriting,

Independent Homeworkers Alliance — touts itself as the “largest provider of legitimate home-based jobs on the Internet.” Offers a search engine for at-home jobs, as well as numerous resources. $29.95 a month Subscription

Number of writing projects posted every month: 70

Type of projects: calls for submissions of articles, scripts, e-books, some sales and marketing, not much technical writing.

Sologigs With over 20,000 projects for freelancers, Sologig has a lot to offer. You need to register to get access to all the projects, with the higher levels of membership securing you a higher profile in the exchange. Most of the freelance writing jobs were onsite technical/business writing.

Number of writing projects posted every month: Estimate 100+ projects posted every month. To see the exact number, you have to register. A Bronze membership with $78.75 prepaid for three months

Type of projects: geared heavily towards onsite technical writing gigs

Telecommuting Jobs — where job seekers can view several hundred telecommuting/offsite jobs posted directly by employers, as well as thousands of jobs posted to other major job sites. Searching is free, but there is a small fee to post your resume. Telecommuting Jobs Telecommute jobs for Writers, Programmers, Artists, etc. Links to additional sites to continue the search for that which is so hard to find – a good paying, mid-term telecommute contract. Good deal for the $10/yr registration fee required.

Number of writing projects posted every month: 80

Type of projects: Wide variety of projects: article wanted, research papers, journalism, copywriting, not much technical Welcome to a resource for work at home jobs for your small office or home business. We provide job posting for work at home jobs and advertising to work at home businesses. Posting on work home jobs is free and you may contact our work at home providers by visiting the profile page and clicking email professional

Number of writing projects posted every month: 20-30

Type of projects: Wide variety of projects: articles, web content, sales and marketing, technical

A word to the wise

Be selective about what types of projects that you bid for. There is a lot of competition out there, so do not waste your time with projects that you are not qualified for or do not interest you. If you are spending more than an hour a day responding to leads from the job boards, then you may need to redefine your niche. Don’t try to be all things to all people. In addition, remember that, in order to be a successful freelance writer, you should not be using the boards as your only way of finding projects. You should also be out there networking with other writer, setting up your own website, and researching writing opportunities in your own community. In the end, these strategies will net your more work than limiting yourself to working the job boards.

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Freelance Jobs Online – Self Employment and Work From Home Motivation

Freelance jobs are gaining more popularity than traditional jobs at an increasing rate. People who are motivated by wanting to work independently often find online freelancing a convenient way to get self-employed.

Skills widely sought in the freelance market include computer programming, photography and photo retouching, web design, graphic arts, computer programming, copywriting and editing. The top paying freelance jobs are writing and editing. After writing, the most paying freelance field is web design and graphics.

If self-employment is the goal, freelancing is one of the most cost-effective and immediate ways to start. Freelancing jobs can be found in print, via word of mouth, previous employers and classified ads; online agencies and marketplace-style job websites are the Internet’s latest contributions to this growing field.

A wealth of new resources have sprung up in the form of freelancing job search websites like,,, and; providing companies with a connection to the competitive pool of contractors who submit bids and applications in response to job postings on the site. This allows the contracting company to choose their freelancers based on talent, application and bid rather than geographic location.

Some jobs have a fixed price, while others bill hourly as work progresses on the project. With the completely online nature of most freelancing jobs, talented professionals and eager amateurs alike can be recruited from anywhere in the world. Freelancers with more experience and expertise within their chosen craft typically charge more for their services and have a portfolio available for prospective clients to browse, whether on their own website or in a profile for their agency.

Most professionals start their freelancing career working for an agency or other business, establishing credibility, portfolio and contacts as they complete jobs in their chosen market. As much freelance work is done on the contractor’s own time, this makes it possible to continue working at one’s primary place of employment while building a client base, and gaining valuable experience.

Businesses that use freelancers reap multiple advantages. The specialized skills needed for a particular project can be gained only for the duration of the job without further ongoing obligation. Savings gained by not having to provide benefits to freelance workers are often one of the factors that motivate businesses to consider contracting out work. Freelance workers online have proven to be the profit drivers to many businesses.

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There are advantages of freelancing online: no travel cost needed, travel time saved, you are the boss and you are in control. You have the chance to earn more money by working more hours or serving many clients. However, there are downsides to relying completely on freelance employment for livelihood. Locating, applying to and negotiating terms for projects are the freelancer’s responsibility, and there is no guarantee of an adequate amount of available work. The comfort of working from home can sometimes lead to complacency and a drop of production, and clients can suspend work at any time. Steps should be taken to have as little idle time between jobs as possible, and having enough contracts steadily moving through the application and production process will assist in avoiding those gaps.

Above all, the truth is number of online freelancers are many but the number of online successful freelancers are very few. To be a successful freelancer online you need to have a skill or a set of skills which is in demand. Freelancers need to find a way to attract clients. This is the biggest challenge for someone who is new to freelancing. Freelancers also need to have excellent communication skills, be self-motivated and dedicated to providing quality services.

It is essential to know the challenges that freelancing or starting your own business can pose before you start working as freelancer. Knowing how some freelancers became successful online helps. At the same time, you should also know the common reasons of failure in freelancing online. You can talk to other freelancers who have been on this track for years, read article magazines, forum posts, and success stories. If you start freelancing online without acquiring skills and without knowing the facts of freelancing online your freelance venture might add another fail to your list. Do your research, be prepared to work hard, be persistent, and diligent. Those qualities that make an excellent employee will make a successful freelancer.

Source by Jamil Ahmed

Top Freelance Websites Review

I have managed to compile a List of Top Freelance Sites out there on the internet keeping in consideration different features provided by Top Freelance sites for both the Buyers and Freelancers features like fees for posting a project, commissions taken from service providers or freelancers, no. of quality freelancers available, no. of projects posted, types of projects, buyer and service provider security etc.

1. GetAFeelancer

Established: February 2004

Get A Freelancer is a global outsourcing solution and freelance jobs website. Here you can find freelance coders, writers, programmers, designers, marketers and more. You can also outsource projects and save a lot of money in the process. Getting the best web design, professional programming, custom writing or affordable marketing has never been easier!

Best Feature

No commissions on projects for the whole month if you are a gold member just for $12

2. RentACoder

Established: 2001

Rent A Coder is a web-based marketplace that connects businesses in need of computer programming expertise with a global, freelance market of programmers. It also connects businesses and freelancers in the areas of graphic design, writing, translation and numerous other services.

In the past, businesses had to rely on whatever help was available locally. This resulted in unpredictable quality and higher than necessary costs. Rent A Coder solves this problem by providing a vast well of over 200,000 professionals from across the globe.

Best Feature

No fees for buyers

3. Scriptlance

Established: 2001

ScriptLance is a service that connects programmers with buyers that need custom programming done for their websites. Much like an auction, programming projects are posted and interested programmers bid on them. Programmers signup from all over the world. All can understand the English language.

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Best Feature

Minimal Commission from Buyer and Freelancer

4. Odesk

Established: 2004

The Marketplace for Online Workteams – Whether you are looking for new talent or already have a remote team, oDesk offers a complete solution for working online. oDesk is the marketplace for online workteams, with the best business model for both buyers and providers. Our unique approach guarantees to buyers that an hour billed is an hour worked, while guaranteeing to providers that an hour worked is an hour paid.

With an average job size of $5,000, oDesk is the best place to find meaningful work and top-flight talent. More than doubling in size each year since 2004, oDesk is where companies are building their entire organizations online and is the primary source of income for thousands of providers. oDesk is truly changing how the world works.

Best Feature

Hourly and fixed-rate projects available. Team room and desk top sharing

5. Elance

Established: 1998

Elance, where companies find, hire, manage and pay contractors online, is transforming the way businesses get work done. On Elance, companies gain instant access to 100,000 rated and tested professionals who offer technical, marketing and business expertise. With well over $200m in earnings to date, independent professionals use Elance to meet clients and get paid for delivering great results.

Best Feature

Big Market Place. Specially for software companies

For a complete list and detailed comparison, please visit

Source by Zeeshan Zahid

How to Win Business As a Freelancer

In this article, we will provide you with some time-tested advice on how you can approach this particular issue.

Finding local work

For many people, the search for a freelancer to carry out their projects, starts and ends at home (or at least very close to it). There are many reasons for why hiring someone local is such an attractive proposition, but one of the key factors is the fact that people are often a lot more comfortable carrying out business with people that they have met face to face. So, how can you tap in to this pool of customers?

Yellow Pages / Business Directories: as you yourself can probably testify, many people when looking for a contractor will turn to a local business directory. Advertising your services can often be less expensive than you might have thought, and you can even start small by advertising on-line.

Local Newspapers: there are a range of advertising options available in print in your locality; from ‘free-ads’ type papers distributed monthly, to classified advertisements in your local daily newspaper, to a full colour two-page spread. If you are starting out as a freelancer, you would be advised to start small, but with a range of different adverts, perhaps on different days, or in different sections of the paper. As a tip, include a small special offer in each advert with a particular offer code in each different type of advert – this way you can track how successful each advert is and phase out the unsuccessful adverts over time.

Flyers: these days the chances are good that you’ve got a colour printer for printing off your personal photographs at home, and if you haven’t then you’ll know somebody that does. With desktop publishing programs as standard on any home computer, you can print off four professional looking flyers on every sheet of A4 paper, which can then be distributed around your neighbourhood, or placed on boards in local shops.

Further afield

While you’re working on tapping in to your local market, you can also be setting your sights on winning business from outside of your immediate area. These methods can be accomplished with a reasonably sized marketing budget, with real results.

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Freelance marketplaces: with the Internet shrinking the global marketplace, there are now a number of online marketplaces where you can post your details and bid for projects that fit in to your field of expertise. The benefit of competing for work in this way is that you can find customers that are actively seeking for people with your skills as opposed to simply advertising what you can do.

Online advertising: search engines such as Google and Yahoo present sponsored search results next to their organic search results. These adverts literally only charge when people click through on your adverts, and so you’re not spending money until you get actual results. To find out more, simply enter ‘advertising’ and the name of the relevant search engine in to your favourite search engine.

Trade magazines: whatever your chosen field, there will be a number of trade magazines bought and read by your potential customers. Your first port of call should be your local library to find out which magazines you should target – then simply check in the last few pages for details of their advertising packages.

A final word

No matter how you land your first few customers, there is one marketing technique that is more effective than any other, and better still, will cost you nothing: word of mouth. Referrals from previously satisfied customers can increase your business dramatically, because a recommendation from a trusted source counts for more than the most compelling advertising copy.

With this in mind, it is vital that you approach every piece of work as a showcase for your talents and ability to satisfy your customers. This goes beyond simply completing work to the highest standard. You must also ensure that you communicate effectively with your client before, during and after the project and deliver the work in a timely fashion.

Source by David Au Johnson